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Interoil Cleaner Engine: The Perfect Ally for Switching from Mineral to Synthetic Oil

In this article, you will discover how Interoil Cleaner Engine becomes your perfect ally for switching from mineral to synthetic oil. Optimize your engine efficiently and environmentally with us
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Safe Lubricants for the Food Industry: Enhancing Productivity and Meeting Quality Standards

Welcome to the blog about industries that require food-grade lubricants! In this article, we will explore the key industries that rely on these lubricants to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency in their food and beverage production processes.
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Interlub makes bread production more efficient in Colombia

Damaged molds and bread wastage have significant economic repercussions in the bread production process in Colombia. Here, we share how Interlub makes this industrial process more efficient with its Bakery Release non-stick oil.

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Interlub optimizes food production in Mexico

Inefficient machines and unscheduled downtime have million-dollar repercussions in Mexico's food production. Here, we share how Interlub optimizes this industrial process with its Aliplex BM 1.5 lubricant.

September 2023

5 Benefits of ISO 21469 Certification

ISO 21469 certified industrial lubricants give you access to several benefits in your food production process. Learn about these benefits here.

July 2023

Quick Guide - Types of Food Grade Lubricants

In the food industry, food-grade lubricants help ensure product quality and safety.

July 2023

Lubrication Excellence in Mining, Steelmaking, and Food Production

Lubrication plays a crucial role in any industry. When you achieve lubrication excellence, reliability increases. In this article, we'll explore the most common operating conditions in mining, steelmaking, and food production that you should consider when setting up your lubrication.

November 2020

What is rheology and how does it relate to industrial lubricants?

Industrial lubricants work under extreme operating conditions and stress that can severely affect their structure, behavior, and performance—anticipating this is critical for appropriate lubricant selection.

December 2020

Discover the importance of lubrication

Adequate lubrication reduces maintenance costs by 60%, considerably reducing accelerated wear of the equipment.

November 2020

Industrial oil, properties and characteristics

Without industrial lubricating oils almost all machines would be damaged by wear and tear and would stop working. Lubrication is essential to all processes in the industrial sectors.

November 2020

Mineral oil, what is it and when to use it?

Over time, mineral oil decreases its ability to do the job, which is to lubricate surfaces and transfer heat away from the area being lubricated.

September 2020

Why choose a synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils are thermally stable, have a better viscosity film strength and a better ability to occupy space between two metal surfaces under pressure or heat.

August 2020

What is and when to use an industrial grease?

Choosing the right specialized grease for any equipment guarantees a good lubrication condition for any machine element.

July 2020

What is bearing corrosion and how do we avoid it?

Humidity and water cause the bearing to run out of lubricant. In a short time, the damage can be catastrophic.

June 2020