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Interlub SA de CV | August 2020

Why choose a synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils are thermally stable, have a better viscosity film strength and a better ability to occupy space between two metal surfaces under pressure or heat.

As we know, lubricant oil is obtained from the refining of petroleum through a process of atmospheric distillation of crude oil.

Synthetic oil, in addition to refining, goes through a series of processes to remove unwanted components. These processes can be dewaxing, de-asphalting and hydrogenation. This increases the quality of the oil depending on the treatment and its intensity.

aceite_sintetico Image 01. Synthetic oil

Synthetic oils are more uniform, which makes them thermally stable and tend to have a stronger lubricant film at higher temperatures. This resistance indicates the ability of a lubricant to occupy space between two metal surfaces under pressure or heat.

aceite_sintetico2 Image 02. Synthetic oil

Synthetic oil characteristics.

Unlike the mineral oil which its main benefit is to be cheaper, synthetic oils properties provide a great variety of benefits:

ventajas_del_aceite_sintetico Image 03. Advantages of synthetic oil

Why choose a synthetic lubricant?

In the industry we know that there are no two processes that are identical, given that each operation has its unique conditions. Synthetic lubricants, being more molecularly uniform than its mineral counterparts, have a series advantages such a thermal stability.

The main advantages that synthetic oils offer are:

  • 1. High performance in operation.
  • 2. Resistance to extreme temperatures.
  • 3. Permanence in humid environments or water in direct contact.
  • 4. Support of extremely high loads.
  • 5. Extra environmental conditions.
  • 6. They tend to have more durability.
  • 7. They're specialized.

  • Synthetic oil is usually more expensive than mineral oil by the liter. However, given that lubrication periods are longer, its lower consumption can make it the cheaper alternative.

    93% of lubrication professionals would buy a lubricant with a high quality (synthetic) base oil at a higher initial price rather than a lubricant with a low quality (mineral) base oil at a lower initial price, according to a recent survey on


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