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From Waste to Taste: How Interlub Revitalized a Colombian Bakery's Process

In the heart of Colombia, a bakery confronted daunting challenges that threatened its production efficiency and quality. Their once-glistening molds bore the scars of repeated use, and unsellable bread loomed large in their wastage bin. Enter Interlub's Bakery Release: the game-changing food grade release agent that didn't just transform the bakery's demolding process but rejuvenated its entire production line.

Key Takeaways:

1. Traditional oils and butter mixes have a significantly impact the production efficiencies in industrial bakeries.
2. Interlub's Bakery Release is a specialized non-stick release agent that is tailored to the unique demands of the bakery processes.
3. The adoption of the right non-stick release agent can lead to drastic waste reductions, enhance product quality, and improve overall process efficiencies.


Unmolding Success

In the heart of Colombia, a bustling bakery was steadily losing its sheen and efficiency. The challenges it faced were multifaceted:

1. High Product Waste: Their bakery products, particularly bread, faced a high rejection rate, leading to unsellable product.
2. Inefficient Lubrication: Their reliance on a staggering 2,400 liters of non-stick oil annually was neither sustainable nor efficient. The low-viscosity product failed to adhere properly, rendering many bakery items unsuitable for sale.


The Interlub Solution:

Recognizing the bakery's unique challenges, one of our Lubrication Effectiveness consultants recommended Interlub Bakery Release: A specialized non-stick release agent:

1. Tailored for Demanding Ingredients: Perfect for products like bread, cakes, and pastries that are rich in eggs and sugar and traditionally pose unmolding challenges.
2. Mold Longevity: 'Interlub Bakery Release' not only smoothly released the baked good from the mold but also minimized residues, and hence significantly reduced wear and extending the molds' life.
3. Optimal Unmolding: Ensuring that the industrial baking processes were seamless, the demolding step, in particular, became more efficient, leading to lower product waste.

Quantifiable Benefits:

The transformation was not just evident but also measurable. Here's the impact 'Bakery Release' made:

Resource Efficiency: The bakery's non-stick oil consumption saw a remarkable reduction by up to 60%, a shift that was both cost-effective and sustainable.
Reduced Product Waste: The amount of baked good that earlier went to waste was slashed by 30%. This was achieved primarily because molds required fewer cleaning cycles.
Product Aesthetics: The bread's appearance improved noticeably, positively influencing the consumers' perception of quality.
Happy Customers: An indirect yet valuable benefit was the surge in customer satisfaction levels, reflecting the enhanced quality and consistency of the products.


Why Bakery Release Stands Out:

In a market teeming with lubricants and non-stick oils, 'Bakery Release' carves its niche. Here's why:

Pure Ingredients: It's formulated with high-quality vegetable oils and additives, ensuring safety and efficacy.
Clean Baking: Being gluten-free and leaving zero residues, it promises a cleaner baking process.
Stability: Its resistance to oxidation means it remains effective for longer durations.
Versatility: Whether it's metal, silicone, or glass molds, 'Bakery Release' is suitable for all.
Certified Excellence: The NSF type 3H certification further attests to its quality and safety.

In conclusion, the Colombian bakery's journey from facing production inefficiencies to achieving operational excellence with Interlub 'Bakery Release is a testament to choosing the right solutions tailored for specific challenges. It's not just about baking; it's about baking right.

Unlock Your Bakery's True Potential!

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